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This is a space for you to explore places that you could probably visit and make memories. 'Change' is a way of life while change in season is nature's law. We suggest places for you to visit 'seasonally'. While every place has its own importance and beauty, exploring places seasonally is a wise choice.

Uttar Kannada, Koorg, Chikmagaloor, Shimoga are certainly the places to visit during monsoon season. Travelling across the districts gives you pleasant experience of exploring nature, western ghats, rivers, beaches, villages, food and more importantly the falls. You will get to see numerous falls across your travel. Each 'falls' is different in its own way. The above mentioned places also have their own historical importance which one should not miss to know or visit. Visiting and experiencing all these places during rain is indeed a wonderful experience as 'rains' in coastal, malnad & uattar kannada regions are fabulous while you gel with nature.

So, do not give it a second thought. Click on the places suggested below to experience the 'Heavens' of Coastal Karnataka, Malnad & Uttar Kannada regions. Wish you a 'Heaven'ly experience.

Art and culture of Karnataka
Karnataka is a splendid amalgamation of cultures that are native and adopted. On its own, the state has a large number of cultures and folklore that are typical to the area that they are practiced in; and each tell a tale that depict the history and growth of the civilization they flourished in. Karnataka is also home to a number of folklores and cultural art forms that are unique to the area, and are still kept alive by the current residents of the state for all the good reasons.

Popular places in side Karnataka