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Aihole, one of the most notable places in the history of art of Karnataka well known as Ayyavoḷe and Aryapura in its inscription was a prominent city of the Chalukya Dynasty. A place known by the name Morera Angadigalu near the Meguti hillocks has a large number of cists of pre-historic period. The place was an agraharam. The village has 125 temples divided into 22 groups by the archaeological department.

Aihoḷe has a historic temple complex in the Bagalkot district , located at a distance of 510 km from Bangalore popularly known for Chalukyan architecture with about 125 stone temples dating from 5th Century C.E. and is a popular tourist spot in north Karnataka. It lies to the east of Pattadakal, along the Malaprabha River, while Badami is to the west of both. With its collection of architectural structures, Aihoḷe has the potential to be included as a UNESCO World heritage site.

It has been described as one of the cradles of temple architecture. Of late some brick structures of pre-Chalukyan times have also been excavated. It has been a great ancient city and commercial centre, with the federation of trade guilds having its headquarters here.

Important temples at Aihole: Durga temple complex, Lad Khan Temple, Ambigera Gudi complex, Mallikarjuna temple complex, Chikki temple, Rachi temple, Eniyar temples complex, Hucchimalli temple complex, Ravanaphadi rock-cut temple, Buddhist temple, Meguti temple, Hucchappayya Math Complex, Kunti temples complex, Charantimath complex, Tryambakesvara group, Gauri temple, Jaina temples in the village, Rock-cut Jain Basadi, Ramlingesvara Temple Complex, Galaganatha Temple Complex.

Photography: [Divakar Hiriyadka]

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