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Arsikere, located in Hassan district in the state of Karnataka and is popularly known for its coconut production and the Malekallu Tirupathi hill and has an average elevation of 807 metres.

It is situated about 44 kilometres from Hassan and 166 kilometres from Bangalore on the Bangalore-Miraj railway line and NH 206 passes inside the city called as Bangalore-Honnavar road.

The name Arasikere originates from one of the princesses of the Hoysala Dynasty, who built a lake near the town. Arasi means queen in Kannada. Therefore, it is 'Arasiya+kere' which means "queen's pond". Arasikere was also called Udbhava Sarvajna Vijaya and Ballalapura at various times.

Some of the visiting places out here are:

The Kalameshwara Temple, also known as Kattameshvara and Chandramoulishvara, is a monument in the Hoysala style of architecture,it was was constructed by Vasudhaika bandhava Recharasa, a minister ofVeera Ballala II.

Malekal Tirupathi Hill, also called Chikka Tirupati is three kilometers from Arsikere and has two temples: (Venkataramana and Govindaraja), which are frequently visited by pilgrims. Malekal Tirupathi Hill has 1,300 steps and a standing Venkateshwara idol

• The Nagapuri fortress, built on the Hirekal hill, is eleven kilometres north of Arasikere and is said to have been constructed by Hyder Ali.

• Haranahally is a big village about eight kilometres south of Arasikere; there are remains of an old fort that is said to have been erected in 1070 A.D. by a chief named Someshvara Raya. There is a large Nagarti tank, which was named after his daughter.

• Sainatha and Ganapathi temples are of modern design and construction.

• A state branch of the Kastur Ba Gandhi National Memorial Trust is located at Kastur Ba Gram.

Javagal, the hobli, is about 33 km from Arasikere and about 35 km from Hassan. It has a temple dedicated to Lakshminarasimha, which is a good specimen of Hoysala architecture with an outer entrance. This temple is attributed to the middle of the 13th century A.D.[5]

Jenukallu siddeshwara swamy hill : Arasikere is home to naturally built elephant stone, situated at heart of the town in Shri Subhramnya Ane Bhetta.

• Sri Siddarameshwara Gadduge is located 12 kilometers from Arsikere.

• BANNAVARA near to arsikere there we can see an old forts and a temple.

UNDIGANALU which is the village located in between Arasikere and Javagal There was a historical temples called "Sri Kariyamma Devi Temple", Chamundeshwari Temple, Sri Gavisiddeshwara temple which is located in the top of the mountain and Sri Bhalu Basaveshwara Temple Which is Located In mid point of Mountain ( In Undiganalu There are many festivals in that the Sri Kariyamma Devi Jathramahothsava is the one of the popular festival in Arasikere Taluk) it is located in 28km's from Arasikere and 11km's Javagal.

Photography: [Jean-Pierre Dalbéra: #1, #2, #3]

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