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Ashtur, 3 kilometres east of Bidar, is the final resting place of the Sultans who had once ruled the state of Karnataka. Today, the place where there mortal remains were buried are the 8 Bahmani tombs of Ashtur, one of the very few famous tombs in Karnataka. A rare attraction depicting Muslim style of art, these tombs consist of carvings in granite on the inside and gold and colourful decorations on the outside. The most famous of these tombs is the tomb of Ahmad Shah Bahman, the earliest of all, which consists of carvings from the Quran inscribed to the dome walls in colour of gold. Also, this tomb is ornamented with a Swastika symbol. Also, the tomb of Allauddin Shah || consists of arches and walls with carvings.

Passing the Dulhan Darwaza outside the city of Bidar, one can approach these tombs which stand as evidence for the rule of Bahmani Sultans in Karnataka, whose political powers evidently deteriorated during their later rule. The tombs are, however, protected by low walls which must have been built to prevent encroachment of the city by invaders. The location can be easily reached by road.

Photography: [india mike: #1]

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