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Barkana Falls is one of the top ten highest waterfalls in India. The waterfall is located in Balehalli forest area, at a distance of about 7 km from the Agumbe village in Shimoga district of Karnataka. The waterfall has a height of about 850 ft. It is located at a height of about 259 metres above sea level. It originates from the Seeta River that flows through this region.

The name Barkana comes from the words Barka which means 'Mouse Deer' and Kana means 'Home'. It is one of the prime sources of hydroelectricity in Karnataka as the water is used to power a hydroelectric system.

Barkana Falls presents one of the most fascinating sights of natural wonders in Karnataka. Located in the midst of lush green forest, the waterfall is a spectacular view. The view becomes even more charming during the monsoon season when the flow of water increases and it gushes down with a greater volume than usual.

The waterfall is an enthralling sight to watch during the heavy monsoons. However, it is risky to visit the waterfall during the rainy season as the trek route becomes very slippery and it becomes quite a task to navigate through the forest under such conditions.

Moreover, the forest area becomes inundated with leeches. As such, the best time to visit the waterfall is during the early winter season.

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