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Bisle is a small village in the heart of south-western India's Western Ghats. The village is located in Hassan District's Sakleshpur (Sakaleshpura) Taluk. It adjoins Bisle Reserve Forest, which has some of India's most spectacular rain forests.

Bisle Ghat is the best picturesque destination of Karnataka and is rewarded as 'heaven on the earth'. Bisle Ghat is stretch of beautiful adventurous spot between Kukke Subrahmanya and Sakleshpura. Bisle Ghat is a perfect destination for the trekkers. Not only because of its breathtaking view but also it is one of the toughest trekking routes in Karnataka.

Bisle is a reserve forest along the border of Hassan and Dakshina Kannada districts of Karnataka. The forest is dense and deep and have lot of lush vegetation. Animals like leopard, chital, Gaur, Malabar giant squirrel etc can be spotted in the forest. There is a view point at Bisle known as the Bisle beauty spot. Bisle view point near Bisle Ghat (5 Km from Bisle village) offers you the magnificent view of the three mountain ranges - Yenikallu Betta (Hassan district), Doddabetta and Pushpagiri (Kodagu district) and Kumaraparvatha (Dakshina Kannada district). A lot of mountains and and forest can be viewed from here. The forest here is full of streams and rocks. During the monsoon it rains really heavy and the whole forest will be misty through out the day. Through the forest there is a road connecting Kukke Subrahmanya to Sakaleshpura.

Travelling via Bisle Ghat gives you a thrilling experience. The stretch passes through the reserve forest. The village at the start of the reserve forest is also known by the name of Bisle. You can see and enjoy many waterfalls (especially during rainy season) you can also enjoy by seeing peacocks, monkeys, deer's and snakes.

Best Time to Visit: Any time is the fine to enjoy the beauty of Bisle Ghat but September to December is the perfect time.

It takes 5 hours, 10 minutes to travel from Bangalore to Bisle Ghat Road. Approximate driving distance between Bangalore and Bisle Ghat Road is 259kms or 160.9 miles or 139.8 nautical miles . Travel time refers to the time taken if the distance is covered by a car.

Photography: [Ashwin Kumar: #1, #2]

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