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Inaugurated by the President of India and the spiritual Buddhist Guru Dalai Lama himself, the Buddha Vihar of Gulbarga is rapidly emerging as the Buddhist pilgrimage centre of South India. Owned by the Siddharth Vihar trust, the Buddha Vihar is built in typical Buddhist style of architecture with imposing dome structures. It incorporates the architectural styles of Sanchi, Sarnath, Ajanta and Nagpur, its domes incorporated with Italian white marble chips.

The construction of this wide Vihar resting over 18 acres of land began in 2002, and has taken the form of a typical Buddhist sanctuary in South India. It consists of a meditation centre at the cellar, a Lord Buddha Chaitya and four Ashoka pillars, each 48 feet high. The Sankalpa Stupa adds to the majesty of the structure, with its 26*30 feet dimensions.

Photography: [sarangib: #1]

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