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Chandramouleshwara Temple   |   Hubli

Unkal is a beautiful tourist attraction located 3 kilometres north of Hubli, famously known for its natural Unkal Lake. But the bigger attraction of the area is the 9 centuries old Chandramouleshwara Temple, which stands as an evidence of the rich architectural heritage of Karnataka, and of Chalukya architecture in specific. This temple was built in line with the infamous Badami, Aihole and Pattadakall temples of Karnataka, and has been recognised as a protected monument of national importance by the archaeological survey of India.

Chandramouleshwara Temple is a Shiva temple unlike any other. It has a total of 12 entrance doors, 4 on each side. The speciality of the temple is the four-faceted lingam, which is a rare entity. Also, two statues of Shiva as well as Nandi at the entrance makes the temple architecture even more special. The delights of architecture also include sculpted walls, pillars and images in the temple. The temple embodies spiritual, artistic and architectural importance in one place.

Photography: [Krishnamurthy Thakur: #1]

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