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Located 35 kilometres north of Bengaluru city is the Devanahalli fort which tells the tales of history that dates back to over 5 centuries. This fort holds a grand history of being built, invaded, and owned by a number of rulers including Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan. During the Anglo- Mysore war of 1791, Lord Cornwallis is said to have laid a siege on the fort and put an end to the transfer of ownership of the fort through bloodshed.

The fort is located near to the Bengaluru International Airport, and the birthplace of Tipu Sultan, who is till date remembered as the Tiger of Mysore.

The Devanahalli fort is said to have been founded by Malla Bhaire Gowda, who belonged to a family of fleeing refugees, namely the Morasu Wokkalu family. The fort houses a number of temples within its walls. The sculptures on the walls and pillars inside this fort depict a vast variety of tales that transport a tourist back to the times they were carved in. The temples inside the walls are some of the state’s oldest, and there is also a spacious courtyard that depicts scenes from Ramayana and Mahabharata on its walls.

The Devanahalli Fort stands as a witness to the vast variety of historical cultures, rulers, and architecture that Karnataka has been witness to. Its like taking a tour through the history of the state in one place.

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