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Situated at the foot of Chamundi Hills, Mysore is the most famous tourist attraction of not just Karnataka, but entire India. Previously, the state of Karnataka was called Mysore and this area was the capital of the state. Even after that changed, Mysore, also known as ‘The Palace City’, remains to be the tourist capital of the state, as well as the country. Attractions in Mysore are so many and so varied, they attract tourists from worldwide. The world famous “Mysuru Dusshera” is unparalleled by any festival celebrations in the world. The New York Times recently listed Mysore as one of the 31 must-see places on Earth for two consecutive years.

Gardens in Mysore

The Brindavan Gardens

A very famous location for film shootings, the Brindavan garden is located next to the infamous KRS dam of Mysore. The attractions have remained unchanged since its very construction- the botanical garden, the musical fountain, and the boats. A tour to Mysore will be incomplete without a visit to the signature garden of the city – the Brindavan.

The Happy Man Park

As the name itself suggests, the major attraction of the park is a statue of ‘the happy man’, or the ‘laughing Buddha’ situated at the centre of the park. This park, situated near Kamakshi hospital, attracts children and adults equally, as there is a mini zoo and a stream, while birds roam freely around the park on the lawns.

Butterfly park in Karanji lake

The ‘Karanji Lake’ in Kannada means the fountain lake, and this park allows tourists to avail the pleasure of boating. It also consists of a medium sized bird park, and also a play space for kids.


The city of Mysore houses a number of other big and small parks and play areas for children in every part. The Ambedkar Park in Jayanagar, Andolan Circle Park, Kukarahalli Kere, Lingabudhi Kere are a few to name. The citizens of Mysore make good use of these garden areas, and the tourists are also welcomed with open arms to make sustainable use of them.

Photography: [Ravi Sarma: #1] [Ashwin Kumar: #1] [Kelly The Deluded: #1]

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