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Harihareshwara Temple   |   Davangere

Located at the serene banks of the great tributary Thungabhadra, Harihara is a city in Davangere, that houses the infamous Harihareshwara Temple of Karnataka. The city is also called ‘Dakshina Kashi’, and is connected to every major city of Karnataka by road and railways.

An artefactfrom the times of the rule of the Hoysala dynasty in Karnataka, the Harihareshwara Temple was built by Polalva, the then Commander and Minister for the dynasty. As the name suggests, the temple houses a rare statue of ‘Hari-Hara’, which means partial Shiva and partial Vishnu. The statue is a joint figure of the left vertical half of Lord Vishnu, and the right vertical half of Lord Shiva.

The tale of the amalgamation of vertical halves of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu connects to a demon named Guha. He was given a boon by Lord Bramha that neither Shiva nor Vishnu could destroy him on their own. When Guha’s activities became intolerable for humans and Gods alike, Shiva and Vishnu took a single form, which is till date remembered and worshipped by the name ‘Hari-Hara’.

Photography: [Journeys across Karnataka: #1]

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