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The capital city of Karnataka, now famous all over the world for its drastic advancements in the field of information technology, was once popular for its garden properties and lakes. Though not much of it can be seen today, there are a number of destinations in Bengaluru that attract tourists who prefer a touch of nature.

Located 18 kms to the north-west of Bengaluru, the Hesarghatta Lake is a man-made reservoir which was built in 1894 in order to fulfil the water necessities of the city. This reservoir was built across the Arkavathy river under the scheme “Chamarajendra Water Works” by the then Dewan and Chief Engineer of Mysuru.

Like every bank of a water source provides fertile grounds for the development of the city in any form, the Hesaraghatta banks consist of a large variety of institutions. The Government Aquarium, Government Film and Television Institute, Horticultural Research Institute, Indo-Danish Poultry and Dairy farms with its livestock breeding and poultry centers which face the Lake, and the famous Nrityagram, the dance village — India's first modern Gurukul founded by Odissi dancer, the late Protima Gauri are a few to name.

The Hesaraghatta Lake is accessible by road, and is one the easiest rejuvenating attractions of Bengaluru.

Photography: [Kshitiz Anand: #1]

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