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Kaivara Narayana Thata (Kannada), or Narayana Thatayya (Telugu) was a bilingual poet who lived in the late 18th and early 19th century. He has composed ‘Keerthanas’, which are poems in the praise of the Lord in both the languages, and they were later made famous through the voice of Sri Balamurali Krishna, one of the most famous singers in India. Kaivara is famous because of this man, who lived in the area during his times. The major destination that attracts tourists here is the cave where Thatayya is believed to have meditated and attained supreme enlightenment.

Kaivara also has an ashram dedicated to Kaivara Narayana Thata, and the other attractions here include Amara Narayanaswamy temple, Vaikunta (temple) by the side of the cave, and the hillock (on which Bheema is supposed to have killed the Bakasura).

The Bheemalingeshwara temple in the area is believed to have been established in Dwaparayuga, when the Pandavas from the great epic Mahabharata spent their stay in the forest there. It is said that Bheema built this temple for Lord Shiva. At the time, this place was called Ekachakrapura. There is also a park nearby, which is maintained by the forest department of Karnataka.

Photography: [sandeep chandra : #1, #2]

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