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Kalleshwara Temple   |   Davanagere

Bagali, a place in the Davangere district of Karnataka houses this infamous Kalleshwara temple. The construction of the temple spanned the rule of two dynasties in the province, the Rashtrakuta dynasty, and the Western Chalukya Empire. Built of soapstone, the architecture of this temple can be distinguished by a closed and an open mantaps, and erotic style carvings on stone. The tower that stands over the temple is said to be constructed later. The Archaeological Survey of India has marked this temple protected and of national importance, as the shrine has also yielded 36 old Kannada inscriptions.

The temple houses a Rashtrakuta essence, mainly holding Lord Shiva at the sanctum and halls for gathering with ornate pillars and a decorative ceiling. Also, people can seek more devotional value with the parts of the temple that are dedicated to Sun God and Lord Narasimha. These are typically of Western Chalukyan essence, hence proving that the temple belongs to both the eras. A few independent structures, smaller shrines around the temple, as well as the carvings on pillars and stones make this temple one of the most unique structures of architectural value in the state.

Photography: [Dinesh kannambadi: #1, #2]

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