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Karwar is the administrative headquarters of Uttara Kannada distict and is a coastal town situated on the banks of the Kali river which is on the west coast. The town lies about 12 kilometres south of the Karnataka-Goa border and 519 km north-west of Bangalore. The stretch is free of any rocks and is relatively flat.

'Karwar' also refers to the encompassing Taluk which includes the surrounding villages. Karwar is also called as 'Kone' by locals. This name had been tagged by British during their reign. With gentle waves, miles of golden sand, a tranquil ambience and acres of emerald foliage, Karwar has all the makings of a perfect holiday destination. The captivating landscape is ringed with rugged hill ranges, thick woods and mysteriously deep valleys.

Karwar is the place where the legendary writer Late Sri Rabindranath Tagore first penned his poems. . It is said that the beach and its beauty inspired Tagore to write one of his plays. He was greatly impressed by the beauty of Karwar, that he quoted Karwar to be the Kashmir of Karnataka.

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