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Lalbagh or Lalbagh Botanical Gardens, meaning The Red Garden in English, is a well-known botanical garden which covers 40 acres in southern Bangalore, India.

The garden was originally commissioned by Hyder Ali, the ruler of Mysore, and later finished by his son Tipu Sultan. It has a famous glass house which hosts two annual flower shows (January 26th & August 15th). Lalbagh houses India's largest collection of tropical plants, has a lake, is a home to few species of birds and is one of the main tourist attractions in Bangalore.

The garden surrounds one of the towers erected by the founder of Bangalore, Kempe Gowda. The park has some rare species of plants brought from Persia, Afghanistan and France. With an intricate watering system for irrigation, this garden is aesthetically designed, with lawns, flowerbeds, lotus pools and fountains. Most of the centuries-old trees are labelled for easy identification. The Lalbagh Rock, one of the oldest rock formations on earth, dating back to 3,000 million years, is another attraction that attracts the crowds.

Photography: [Nadir Hashmi: #1, #2] [Aparajith Bharathiyan: #1]

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