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The Mallikarjuna temple is located in the town of Kuruvatti (also spelt Kuruvathi) in the Bellary district was constructed in the early 12th century rule of the Western Chalukya Empire. The building material used is soapstone.

Art historian Adam Hardy classifies the architectural style and guild involved in the construction of the temple as a "trans-Tungabhadra branch" of the "mainstream Lakkundi school" of the Later Chalukya style of architecture. The art historian Ajay Sinha classifies the Kuruvatti style to be a third idiom, the other two being the Lakkundi and Itagi (or Ittagi) schools. He describes the overall achievement at Kuruvatti as "majestic", despite a lack of artistic over indulgence. According to Sinha, a 1099 A.D. inscription at the temple claims it was constructed in service of the god "Abhinava Someshvara" and that the temple also went by the name "Ahavamallesvara". He recants that both names are associated with the deceased Chalukya King Someshvara I who committed voluntary suicide at Kuruvatti in 1062. Sinha feels the temple may have been constructed between 1070 and 1100 in his memory by his heir apparent, the King Vikramaditya VI.

Photography: [Rakesh holla: #1]

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