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Marvanthe Beach   |   Udupi

One of the most spectacular views you can come across travelling through NH 66 is Kundapur, and the rare sight of Marvanthe beach and river Suparnika standing parallel to one another. The marvellous beach is considered to be one of the most beautiful in Coastal Karnataka, and River Suparnika adds to its glory by ‘almost’ joining it but taking a U-turn and joining the Arabian sea 10 kilometres away from Marvanthe.

What makes Marvanthe even more special is the rare ‘Varahaswamy’ or the wild boar temple located near the beach, and called Maraswamy Temple. There are three deities worshipped here, and this entire location is situated 55 kilometres from Udupi. What makes the location even more appealing is the river Suparnika forming an island named Kudru, which provides a mesmerising view on its shores. To make the trip memorable, tourists can seek access to go fishing with the fishermen at Gangoli port, and over a modest fee, the infamous professional fishermen of Coastal Karnataka shall let you go fishing with them from morning till noon! That’s one adventure you don’t want to miss!

Photography: [Hari Krishna: #1] [Ashwin Kumar: #1]

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