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Nandi Hills   |   Chikkaballapur

Approximately 60 kilometres away from Bengaluru and 10 kilometres from Chikballapur district, Nandi hills are the sources from where the rivers Arkavathi, Penner, Ponnaiyar, and Palar originate. Located in the town of Nandi, these hills are the ancient hill fortresses of South India. It is said that during the reign of the Chola dynasty, these hills were called ‘Ananda Giri’, which translates to ‘Hills of happiness.’ However, they became Nandi hills after Yoga Nandeeshwara performed his penance on these hills. When some people believe that the hills got the name from Yoga Nandeeshwara, some others believe that they’re called Nandi Hills because they resemble a Nandi, or a sleeping bull from a distance. There is a fort built by Tippu Sultan at the foot of the hills and it’s called Nandidurga (durga means fort). Some might want to assume that the hills attained the name owing to this fact as well.

Nearby Nandi hills, one can also visit the infamous Someshwara (or Bhoga Nandeeshwara) temple, which is a couple of kilometres away at the Nandi Grama (Nandi Village). There is an old functioning railway station a kilometre away from Nandi Grama. The station itself is an attraction, situated amidst a forest with gigantic trees.

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