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Have you heard of a church that drowns every monsoon and submerges back during the summers? The Shettihalli Rosary Church located around 22km from Hassan in Karnataka is one such structure that is in ruins, yet a wonderful piece of art that has stood the test of time. It was built in the 1860s by the French missionaries in India. Shettihalli, a small village on the banks of the Gorur- Hemavathi Resrvoir and was a vibrant sunflower producing region before the Gorur Dam was built. The church is a magnificent structure of Gothic Architecture.

Shettihalli Church was named after the village and now it stands derelict reminding us of the past colonial days. It was only after the Gorur Dam was built on the River Hemavathi that the villages in the surrounding areas were submerged, some partly and the rest totally. During the onslaught of monsoon the river rises, submerging the Shettihalli Church with only the topmost spires being visible. As the season changes so does the landscape, cleansed and fresh, all dressed in hues of greens, browns and yellows. It is not a well known destination at all and remains tucked up, enjoying its anonymity.

After the construction of the Hemavati Dam and Reservoir in 1960 the church was abandoned. It has since then become a famous tourist spot where people flock to see half submerged church in monsoons. It attracts a lot of tourists who visit the ruins to see this spectacular sight.

Best time to visit

To enjoy the surreal beauty of Shettihalli church, one needs to travel to this place twice. Once in the month of July–October when it is partially submerged in water and next in the month of Dec- May when the water level recedes and the church emerges in all its glory.

How to go?

By Road: The distance between Shettihalli and Bangalore is 200 km and can be easily accessed through roads. Buses are available as well which drop to Shettihalli Church.

By Train: Trains frequent from Yashwantpur railway station to Shettihalli on a daily basis.

Photography: [PinealEyeCaptures: #1] [Sunith Balan: #1]

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