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Siddaganga Matha is a village located in the Tumakuru district. The history of Sree Siddaganga Mutt starts from 14th century. The Holy names associated with the establishment and the growth of the Mutt is as follows; Sree Hardanahalli Gosala Siddeshwara Swamigalu (c1300 - 1350) Sree Hardanahalli Shankaracharya Swamigalu (c1393) Sree Hardanahalli Gosala Channabasavarajendra Swamigalu Sree Tontada Siddalingeshwara Swamiji (c1400 - 1480A.D.) Sree Haradanahalli Gosala Siddeshwara was the 15th in the order of peetacharya (Head of Mutt) of Niranjana Jagadguru. He handed over his headship to the next peetacharya in Haradanahalli and went to Shivaganga with his 101 followers to create his own independent place for his religious work. Then he moved to a hill near Keta Samudra (now Kyathasandra) from Shivaganga. He created 101 caves for his followers for study and meditation and also established the Mutt at Siddaganga.

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