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The Tarakeshwara or Tarakeshvara Temple is a Hindu temple complex dedicated to Shiva as Tarakeswara located in Hangal. It also houses a temple to Shiva's vahana, Nandi, and his son Ganesha. The complex is a listed monument of the Archaeological Survey of India. It also has three memorial stones which are sculpted with religious and military scenes and inscribed with text in the Kannada language. Its octagonal hall has a 6-metre (20 ft) diameter lotuscarving as its ceiling.

The Chalukyas of Kalyana reigned in the Deccan from the 10th to the 12th century. They built Hindu temples in Ittagi, Gadag and Lakkundi as well as in Hangal. The Tarakeshwara Temple was also built by them during AD 1050 or the mid-12th century.

Photography: [puratattva.in: #1]

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